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About Chameleon Training

Chameleon Training is a bespoke Australian based training consultancy that specializes in cultural awareness and coaching. Chameleon Training offers tailor made solutions for increasing staff performance by growing their cultural awareness.

Key areas of expertise include helping companies who have traditionally operated in Western markets:

Connect and communicate with stakeholders from Asian based cultures especially South East Asia, China, Japan and India

Create high functioning culturally diverse teams

Build sales competence when developing business in the fast growing East and South East Asian countries

Chameleon Training also works with global companies who wish to increase the cultural awareness of their Asian based virtual and outsourced teams

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"An Organization is only
as good as the
behaviour and attitude
of its employees"

- LEWIS, G. (2011).
CEO The leadership Trust Foundation

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Some of our clients
Geoscience Intergraph Heraeus Inova pharmaceuticals
Beiersdorf Roche Buslink Marsh
Victorian Country Press Association Caunt and Lowbeer FB Rice Wave Dental
Ricky Richards Kulkuna STM Y Foundation
BHI Architects Country Press Association South Australia Dingu Blue Seawalker Green Island

"The successful outcomes achieved were beyond expectations"
- BHI Architects
"I found the sessions extremely useful with regard to cultural knowledge
and things that I should consider implementing to assist in my new role
and adapting to the new cultural environment and workplace."
- R. Thomson, Volvo Bus Corporation

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Coming from the North: Why Australia needs to embrace our Chinese visitors

Our latest blog- Coming from the North, why Australia needs to embrace our Chinese visitors

Both Chinese tourists and newly arrived Chinese residents offer many opportunities for the Australian banking and financial service sector. Also, a potentially lucrative market lies in assisting prospective Chinese migrants wishing to take up residence in Australia. In November 2012 applicants seeking Australian permanent residency who have Aus $5 million qualified for the Significant Investor Visa’scheme ( Rogers 2012). The ‘Significant Investor Visa’ requires applicants to invest their A$5 million dollars in Australian ventures. Recently released data shows that China’s growing wealthy are a prime target for these visas and any products that help secure them. According to the Wall Street Journal (2014), in 2013 China had reached over 2,000,000 millionaire households, second only to the U.S, and an 82% increase on the previous year.

Increasingly I hear Australian’s talk of travelling to Asia for low cost dental and other medical treatments. However, I rarely hear the reverse discussed. David Thomas, a leading expert on trade between Australia and China stated that in excess of 10,000 Asian people come to Australia to take advantage of our quality healthcare services. This import is currently worth over A$26 million (Thomas 2014). According to Deloitte, although Australia is unlikely to ever compete on prices with medical tourism offered in Asia, there is nothing to stop it targeting the high end niche healthcare market. Once again visitors from China offer huge potential with 8% of Chinese surveyed by Deloitte’s claiming they are travelling overseas for medical reasons and a significant number expressing that they have little confidence in the healthcare services they receive in China (Deloitte 2011 p. 4)

Read the full article here